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  • Thumb Custom Baron Reflectivity
    This color table can often be seen used by Radar Omega. However, it is not a color table their app    Read More
    Parker Sezate 5 downloads Details
  • Thumb The Weather Channel's HD Reflectivity
    From 2011 to 2015, The Weather Channel used this color table. This is a complete replica of the original.    Read More
    Parker Sezate 9 downloads Details
  • Thumb custom Base Reflectivity color table
    enjoy this custom base reflectivity color table for GR2Analyst
    Keenan Orion 119 downloads Details
  • Thumb Taye's Color Table Pack
    A folder containing custom color tables based on those used by KWTV (NextGen Live and Doppler 9000 XL), KFOR (The    Read More
    Taye Hughes 21 downloads Details
  • Thumb John's Reflectivity
          This color table is now on WxTools! About: I based this color table off    Read More
    Notes : High Quality Color Table
    John Smith 3700 downloads Details
  • Thumb Ben's High Res BR or for more color tables by me and others!
    Ben Mitchell 3002 downloads Details
  • Thumb abc 3340 lynx
    abc33/40 lynx base reflectivity color table
    Bryan Falls 135 downloads Details
  • Thumb johnmc318br ct
    Been Playing with color tables for a few months now, made this table and its my go to for me,    Read More
    John McAlpin 81 downloads Details
  • Thumb TweakedJimMartin
    Slightly tweaked JimMartin color table for GRlevel3, this one is a bit more sensitive to lighter reflectivity values.  If you    Read More
    Dustin Long 93 downloads Details
  • Thumb RuffWX Custom BR
    Here is my custom BR color table, updated earlier this summer. Enjoy! -Ruff
    Brendan Ruff 53 downloads Details
  • Thumb Ben's High Res BR (Expert mode)
    Ben Mitchell 1838 downloads Details
  • Thumb Night-Neon Color Table
    Color table meant to soothe the eyes form the other eye stinging color tables
    Ben Mitchell 126 downloads Details
  • WBNS/WSI BR Colortable (Purple More Common)
    This version has purple showing up way easier.
    Jaxon Jacob 29 downloads Details
  • Thumb WBNS/WSI Colortable
    Not the exact one, just a super similar one!
    Jaxon Jacob 107 downloads Details
  • Thumb The Weather Channel Color Table
    The Weather Channel Color Table is a re-creation of the early 2000's era at The Weather Channel. Posted an image    Read More
    Notes : Original created for StormLab in June 2013, now defunct software as of 2017. Re-created exclusively for GRLevelX in August 2015 and still in use today. Recently re-created for Radar Omega in September 2021.
    Jeremy L Camp 394 downloads Details
  • wsi max storm
    the version that most tv stations use
    Ian Coulbourne 88 downloads Details
  • Thumb Smoothing Friendly MAX Storm
    The classic RGB values of The Weather Company's weather presentation system. Formerly WSI.
    Corey Lovins 592 downloads Details
  • Thumb Weather Underground Base Reflectivity
    This is the current color table used for reflectivity on the Wundermap and Weather Underground app.
    Corey Lovins 188 downloads Details
  • Thumb WSB-TV Channel 2 Base Reflectivity
    This is a close match I made of the color table used on WSB-TV in Atlanta. They use Baron for    Read More
    Corey Lovins 229 downloads Details
  • wsi solid green version
    wsi solid green version
    Ian Coulbourne 53 downloads Details
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