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  • Thumb Spectral DBZ Table
    My favorite color table based largely around Randy Chases spectral color map, with only a few minor value changes to    Read More
    Bryan Wilson 1 download Details
  • Thumb Broadcast Stations' NROT
    While this may be in the reflectivity section, it is actually an NROT color table. Many news stations use this    Read More
    Parker Sezate 58 downloads Details
  • Thumb Custom Baron Reflectivity
    This color table can often be seen used by Radar Omega. However, it is not a color table their app    Read More
    Parker Sezate 109 downloads Details
  • Thumb The Weather Channel's HD Reflectivity
    From 2011 to 2015, The Weather Channel used this color table. This is a complete replica of the original.    Read More
    Parker Sezate 92 downloads Details
  • Thumb custom Base Reflectivity color table
    enjoy this custom base reflectivity color table for GR2Analyst
    Keenan Orion 152 downloads Details
  • Thumb Taye's Color Table Pack
    A folder containing custom color tables based on those used by KWTV (NextGen Live and Doppler 9000 XL), KFOR (The    Read More
    Taye Hughes 56 downloads Details
  • Thumb John's Reflectivity
          This color table is now on WxTools! About: I based this color table off    Read More
    Notes : High Quality Color Table
    John Smith 3782 downloads Details
  • Thumb Ben's High Res BR or for more color tables by me and others!
    Ben Mitchell 3145 downloads Details
  • Thumb abc 3340 lynx
    abc33/40 lynx base reflectivity color table
    Bryan Falls 158 downloads Details
  • Thumb johnmc318br ct
    Been Playing with color tables for a few months now, made this table and its my go to for me,    Read More
    John McAlpin 102 downloads Details
  • Thumb TweakedJimMartin
    Slightly tweaked JimMartin color table for GRlevel3, this one is a bit more sensitive to lighter reflectivity values.  If you    Read More
    Dustin Long 96 downloads Details
  • Thumb RuffWX Custom BR
    Here is my custom BR color table, updated earlier this summer. Enjoy! -Ruff
    Brendan Ruff 70 downloads Details
  • Thumb Ben's High Res BR (Expert mode)
    Ben Mitchell 1888 downloads Details
  • Thumb Night-Neon Color Table
    Color table meant to soothe the eyes form the other eye stinging color tables
    Ben Mitchell 136 downloads Details
  • WBNS/WSI BR Colortable (Purple More Common)
    This version has purple showing up way easier.
    Jaxon Jacob 38 downloads Details
  • Thumb WBNS/WSI Colortable
    Not the exact one, just a super similar one!
    Jaxon Jacob 120 downloads Details
  • Thumb The Weather Channel Color Table
    The Weather Channel Color Table is a re-creation of the early 2000's era at The Weather Channel. Posted an image    Read More
    Notes : Original created for StormLab in June 2013, now defunct software as of 2017. Re-created exclusively for GRLevelX in August 2015 and still in use today. Recently re-created for Radar Omega in September 2021.
    Jeremy L Camp 406 downloads Details
  • wsi max storm
    the version that most tv stations use
    Ian Coulbourne 101 downloads Details
  • Thumb Smoothing Friendly MAX Storm
    The classic RGB values of The Weather Company's weather presentation system. Formerly WSI.
    Corey Lovins 621 downloads Details
  • Thumb Weather Underground Base Reflectivity
    This is the current color table used for reflectivity on the Wundermap and Weather Underground app.
    Corey Lovins 198 downloads Details
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