Group Rules

** Indicates possible instant ban

  1. ** Please do not spam/promote your site, service, social media group/page (or otherwise), directly or indirectly, without getting an approval from Group Admins
  2. ** No discussion of sharing license keys, codes, subscriptions, pirating software/subscriptions, or finding ways to defeat trials.
  3. ** Do not block any admin for any reason.
  4. Show respect for your fellow group peers.
  5. All files must be uploaded to  Please include a screenshot when uploading.  Files uploaded to the Facebook group will be deleted.
  6. Images (incl. screenshots) may be shared to the group.  However, please provide context, and don’t use watch/warning text as context.
  7. Some off-topic posts are allowed, provided they stay within the realm of the weather community or reference current/historical events, as long as they do not violate the above spam guidelines.  While a “thanks for adding me” post is allowed when you join, please steer away from “no-topic” posts.
  8. When posting a question or problem, please include the software (GRLevel3, GR2Analyst, etc.) and version you’re using.  You can find this in Help > About in your software.  Some problems are due to older versions of the software, which may no longer work.  All members are encouraged to keep their software as current as possible.
  9. Please do not tag or direct message group admins for support.  We are facilitators of the group, not experts.