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  • Thumb AI Upscaled HD Road Sign Icons
    GRLevelX compatible only. Do not attempt on other programs. Steven E. Heicher is the original publisher and this    Read More
    Allan Mitchell 1717 downloads Details
    Bryan Falls 191 downloads Details
  • Thumb Road Signs May 2022
    Classic RoadSigns.png image file updated. Replaced a bunch of Texas toll roads and improved anti-aliasing on some others.    Read More
    Notes : Classic RoadSigns.png tweaked with a few newer road signs that are in use, especially Texas toll roads (some text color will have to be changed to white in the Placefile text). Improved anti-aliasing on a few other road signs. Download and overwrite your RoadSigns.png file, wherever it is on your device.
    Matt Charles 231 downloads Details
  • Thumb Road Signs May 2022.txt
    Updated roadsigns placefile to accompany updated highway signs.
    Notes : Updated roadsigns placefile to accompany updated highway signs. Assuming you're using the original highways placefile, unzip this and overwrite Roadsignsnew120509 wherever it is on your device. Also, user must install Highway Goth fonts on their device.
    Matt Charles 263 downloads Details
  • Airports
    ***I believe all the airports in the US***
    Justin Dill 190 downloads Details
  • Tim, Paul, and Carl memrial site
    RIP guys :(
    Justin Dill 76 downloads Details
  • Weather centers in 3D graphic
    National weather center and TWC with a 3D touch   Set your own threshold i forgot to do that    Read More
    Justin Dill 159 downloads Details
  • State Parks
    State parks with description when hovered over
    Justin Dill 115 downloads Details
  • Thumb MCDs placefile (php)
    gets up to 6 mcds and plots the mcds on grlevelx
    Ely Mo 313 downloads Details
  • Thumb Watch boxes placefile (php)
    get up to 6 watches and plot them on grlevelx
    Ely Mo 889 downloads Details
  • Thumb Road Signs
    Originally written by Larry Stolzer and updated by Bryan Falls, this is a basic road signs placefile that covers most    Read More
    Steven E. Heicher 1617 downloads Details
  • Thumb All States Abbreviated.
    Someone asked the other day for a placefile for state abbreviations. I looked everywhere and couldn't find one. So I    Read More
    Doug White 276 downloads Details