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  • Thumb KOCO Color Table Variations (1999)
    These color tables (more specifically the SOLID version) are the official color tables that were used by KOCO in 1999.    Read More
    Parker Sezate 29 downloads Details
  • Thumb Baron Lynx P-Type Tables
    Precip-typing color tables based on the Baron Lynx broadcast weather graphics software. The rain table is from Almany Designs, while    Read More
    Jacob Melton 97 downloads Details
  • WSI/INTELLICAST Snow, Rain, and Freezing Rain
    Directly from WSI/Intellicast color-tables as seen on Underground. This is also for Precipitation Type and goes up to 70 DBZ.    Read More
    Hailey Inhoff 198 downloads Details
  • Thumb RDSok Enh AWIPS II with P-Typing and other color tables
    This is a multiple color table package  which includes an Enhanced AWIPS II style Base Reflectivity which uses darker almost    Read More
    Randy Stafford 288 downloads Details
  • Thumb AWIPS Palettes
    A compilation of AWIPS style palettes that include a BR, BR-summer (starts at 20dBZ), BV, SRV, as well as Dual-Pol    Read More
    Steven E. Heicher 318 downloads Details