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  • WSI/INTELLICAST Snow, Rain, and Freezing Rain
    Directly from WSI/Intellicast color-tables as seen on Underground. This is also for Precipitation Type and goes up to 70 DBZ.    Read More
    Hailey Inhoff 183 downloads Details
  • Thumb RDSok Enh AWIPS II with P-Typing and other color tables
    This is a multiple color table package  which includes an Enhanced AWIPS II style Base Reflectivity which uses darker almost    Read More
    Randy Stafford 280 downloads Details
  • Thumb AWIPS Palettes
    A compilation of AWIPS style palettes that include a BR, BR-summer (starts at 20dBZ), BV, SRV, as well as Dual-Pol    Read More
    Steven E. Heicher 301 downloads Details