RDSok Enh AWIPS II with P-Typing and other color tables

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  • This is a multiple color table package  which includes an Enhanced AWIPS II style Base Reflectivity which uses darker almost black color for the hail core dbz starting at 56dbz with the upper dbz colors scaled up to 80dbz, light nonprecip below 20dbz are semitransparent, trace amounts start starting at 20dbz in cyan etc. It also includes the matching P-Typing for RA, IP, SN, and ZN color tables... Used together, the 5 colortables are meant to work seamlessly when switching from standard base reflectivity to p-type enhanced reflectivity modes. To use the p-type color tables, you must be running at least the beta or released versions of 2.60 or newer of either GrLevel3 or GrALevel2. The other included color tables should work on previous versions as well.


    Also includes are ET, VIL as well as OHP/STP that are also color themed to go with the Enhanced AWIPS BR table if used together, they all have a similar ( not identical but as close as can be expected ) look. Note the OHP/STP rainfall amounts support up to 30" totals with the color tables.


    The included Enhanced BV and SRV colortables are typical of the green / red tables with some big differences. The lower speed + and - amounts have the colors muted and don't start getting bright until around +-40mph helping make couplets stand out more prominently while still being able to see lower speed structures and circulations. In addition, between the +-2mph is set to a dark color so winds moving towards and away from the radar site are delineated more.