What are the latest versions of the software, and how much do they cost?

All updates are at http://www.grlevelx.com/owners/, and we cannot post update links here.  Upgrade purchase links are also available there.

If you are having problems with your GRLevelX forum account, email admin@grlevelx.com (new forum registrations MUST match what you used to purchase the software). We cannot help with forum registration problems here.

GR2Analyst: – $250 ($99.95 upgrade for GR2AE 1.xx and 2.xx owners (must have the original 1.xx or 2.xx key, a 2.xx upgrade key will not work).  Free for those who purchased after 2020 using the Lost Key service).
GRLevel3: 2.92 – $79 ($40 upgrade for GRLevel3 1.xx owners only, free for those who purchased in 2011/2012).
GREarth: 3.0 – $180/yr or $15/mo.
GRModel: 3.0 – Included with GREarth
MRLevel3 (no longer supported):

NOTE: GRLevel3 1.xx and GR2Analyst 1.xx are also no longer available for purchase and are no longer supported in favor of version 2.xx of each. GRLevel2 1.xx is no longer available for purchase and no longer supported.  Its successor is GR2Analyst 2.xx.

For those who purchased GR3 in 2011/2012, GR2AE in 2012/2013, or purchased GR2AE 1.xx’s dual pol add-in at any time, the upgrade is free, and your key is available at http://www.grlevelx.com/lostkey.  You will need to have access to the email you purchased the software with.  If this email is no longer available, email admin@grlevelx.com explaining your situation, along with any proof of purchase you still have.

If you do not have proof of purchase (license key, past receipts, etc.), You will need to re-purchase the software at full price.