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GR2Analyst Current Versions, Downloads, and Purchase Information

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Current Version
v2: 2.94 (likely final version, no longer available for purchase)

New Install Download (this link does not change):
Update Download (this link does not change) (v2.xx):
Update Download (this link does not change) (v3.x.x.x):

New Users: It is recommended you download and update as a 21 day trial before you commit to purchasing.

Purchase link:

For those who purchased GR2Analyst 1.xx/2.xx in 2020 or later: (must have access to original purchase email)
Before 2020: ($99.95).

NOTE: If you're using v1.xx or 2.xx, it is highly recommended you install the v3 Trial before purchasing the upgrade key. Support for GR2Analyst v2.xx ends in this group March 21, 2025.

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