Where can I find reliable placefiles?

You can find the following services that have live dynamic placefiles for a reasonable fee:

  • AllisonHouse – $11.99/month.  Includes placefiles, basic lightning, Level 2, and Level 3 data.  For $26.99/month, you get all of that, plus you get AllisonHouse Maps, forecast models, and radar mosaic data.
  • GRLevelXMods Placefiles – $10.99 for one month one time, or $9.99/month subscription.  Includes placefiles and lightning.

In both cases, you can customize your placefiles, along with other nifty tools to better customize your experience.  Yearly subscriptions or plans are also available.

NOTE: We do not recommend one service over another.  One service may fit your needs better than another.  We only serve to provide a neutral listing of services.