A work in progress

NOTE: In order to download from GRLevelX Goodies, you MUST click “Log in via Facebook” in the top bar/menu.  You must accept all permissions if you are logging in via Facebook for the first time, as Facebook requires email for the login to work.  Unlike some apps or single sign-ons, we only request the bare minimum from Facebook to allow you to login. 

This site is currently a work in progress… it is intended to be an extension to the GRLevelX Users Group so we can better handle content such as placefiles, color tables, and the like, along with information that we may add over time.

We intend to announce this in the group when this site is at a completion point, and have as much integration with Facebook and the users group as we can.

Thanks for your patience!

Your group admins:
– Todd Applegate
– Steven Heicher
– Henry Luker

This site is dedicated to Jeff Lake, responsible for GRLevelXStuff, and one of our team members.  He, and his contributions, are greatly missed.

This site is an enthusiast group for Gibson Ridge Software (GRLevelX software) and its products (GRLevel3, GR2Analyst, GREarth, and MRLevel3), and has absolutely no affiliation with Gibson Ridge Software (grlevelx.com).